Who Are We?

Background on Panama Hotel Collection

Panama Hotel Collection, an initiative from Panamanian and independent boutique hotels which have joined together to promote Panama as an international tourist destination.

One of the main goals has been to established circuits and routes across the country with the aim of providing the best accommodation in every single province giving everyone the opportunity to get the best out of Panama, from island locations to tropical inland destinations and to buzzing city sights.

We have 12 hotel members each being the finest of every region and many of them pioneers in the Panamanian tourism industry. In addition to hotels, Panama Hotel Collection has established partnerships with Air Panama which offers fantastic options for travel with attractive rates and a commitment to service and safety. If independent travel overland is your preferred way to see Panama then you will find our partners, Thrifty and Hertz car rental companies, provide an excellent service with a great choice of vehicle at very competitive prices and value for money.

In just seven days you can enjoy the best of cosmopolitan life in the capital city, travel from coast to coast experiencing the native cultures of the indigenous people living in typical Panamanian villages, wander along gorgeous beaches, experience the wild side of Panama by trekking through the jungle or having an adventuring in the mountains as well as the history of this incredible country.

Members of the Panama “collection” provide guests with diverse opportunities for adventure and an the ideal holiday to uncover the unexplored Panama.

The Best of Panama!


  • Riande Granada Urban Hotel - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Riande Aeropuerto - Panama Hotel Collection
  • El Otro lado - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Hotel Bahía - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Hacienda del mar - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Panamonte - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Villa Caprichosa - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Yandup - Panama Hotel Collection
  • La Concordia - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Istmo Yoga y Adventure Retiro - Panama Hotel Collection
  • The Golden Frog INN - Panama Hotel Collection
  • Hacienda Los Molinos - Panama Hotel Collection

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